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Moving HRD to a new computer

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  • Moving HRD to a new computer

    My old dedicated radio computer finally bit the dust. Luckily the HD didn't crash and I've recovered the files. I have both the backup files from HRD and the MDB databases. I have multiple database files, so I don't know if the backup will only contain the connected DB at the time of the backup or all of them. Has there been a guide created yet for moving HRD from one computer to another computer? I'm wondering if there's any functional difference in importing the databases vs restoring the backup. I don't find in the documentation what contents are kept in the backups. Is there a recommended option between those two or even something else? I don't really care to restore the DM780 config. Any macros I had would be nice but the ports will change for all of my devices, so I'm planning on rebuilding that anyway. Is there a way to just import the old macros and messages? Anything else I should consider importing/moving over from the old computer?