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Are Grids Corrected From LoTW?

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  • Are Grids Corrected From LoTW?

    Scenario: I have a QSO with someone and the grid is populated from QRZ (for example) but the grid is not correct on QRZ. Later, I get a LoTW confirmation for that QSO and LoTW has a different grid for that person. If the other person's grid is different in LoTW, will HRD Logbook correct the grid in my local record? That is, can I then be confident that those QSOs for which there is a LoTW confirmation represent an accurate list of confirmed grids?

    David, AK2L

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    No all that is downloaded from LOTW is the confirmation of contact. I try to assume that when someone over the air sends a grid it is correct no matter what QRZ or anything else has. People are very mobile now you don`t know the person may be in a RV somewhere. Personally I do not think many ops really keep up with what they are sending sometimes. QRZ has one grid listed QRZCQ has another who knows which is correct?. 73 Morris WA4MIT


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      >...when someone over the air sends a grid...
      I was asking about grids that are populated from a source other than over the air.

      I will investigate reconciling the list in LoTW with the list in HRD LB.