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  • MSFK Picture from Other Modes Macro

    I like to know if there is a way to have a MARCO in DM switch from a currently used mode.. like BPSK-31 to MSFK-16 to send a photo then switch back again. The MSFK macro seems to only work in MSFK mode to pop the selection box to let you pick a file to send. So is there a MARCO to make the switch and move you back to your initial mode to you can continue normal operation.

    Currently in BPSK-31
    "Hey dude is is XX4XXX I am going to send you a picture."
    Hit Macros MSFK Pic button.
    Switch to a MSFK-4/8/16/32/64 mode
    Select file form dialog box and hit OK
    when done transmitting switch mode back to BPSK-31
    " Hope you like the picture, XX4XXX 73".