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Awards - Worked All Britain (WAB)

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  • Awards - Worked All Britain (WAB)

    This is about support for a popular Awards where you collect Ordanance Survey squares throughout Britain. These awards have been going for more that 50 years and are good fun to collect.

    My question I suppose is custom awards in general and WAB in particular.

    I can see that WAB (small and large squares) are supported in the awards drop down (thanks to whoever added that). However, which fields do I need to fill in to get the squares entered in a logged QSO please? I have tried using Custom fields,if that is the way to do it, how do I tie the entries in that cusom field to the award?

    Also can a macro be used to detect a British callsign to prompt for the WAB square on f7 update of entering a new qso?

    Thanks in advance - Terry G0BIX (TQ76)
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