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  • Downloading older LoTW Contacts


    I am a new ham and a new user of HRD. I passed my tech text a couple of weeks ago and then immediately got a vanity call sign. Between the time of getting my vanity call sign and getting setup on HRD (yesterday), I made several contacts that I recorded in QRZ and pushed to LoTW.

    Once I got set up on HRD, I saw that the contacts for my original call sign were present in my HRD logbook, but not any for my vanity call sign. When I went to download them, I noticed that I could not change the date to select when to start the download. It would only allow me to select the date of installing the HRD software.

    I have been able to upload contacts I made today but I can't download any contacts made prior to 6/23 when I installed the software.

    Is this right or should I be able to download previous contacts?

    It is not a huge deal. I am only talking about 6 contacts since I am new but I would love to have them all in one place.



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    Congratulations on your new call sign and Enjoy your new hobby.

    Log into The ARRL LOTW Home page.
    Select the "Your QSOs" tab
    On the left select "Download Report"
    Enter a date in the Starting Date box.
    Click on "Submit" on the right
    You can copy the data from the list.

    There may be a more elegant way to get the data but you don't have many QSOs to get.
    73, John
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