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Absolutely Driving Me Nuts YAESU FTdx3000

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  • G3UCQ
    I copied this from another website. HTH
    "Do you have RTS enabled in the menu (#40) of the 3000? If so you need to check the RTS box in the HRD connect window. It isn't necessary to be on. I run mine with #40 disabled and it works just fine."

    73 John

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  • johninlc
    started a topic Absolutely Driving Me Nuts YAESU FTdx3000

    Absolutely Driving Me Nuts YAESU FTdx3000

    I have owned HRD software for several months, I recently purchased the rig in my Subject Line when my ICOM went belly up. I have tried about every cable I own (last one was just a printer cable) and can never seem to get my rig to connect to the radio. I am desperate....not quite suicidal get this sorted out and would be eternally grateful (I'm 72 so at least grateful for a few more years). This is no beef against HRD because I know they are great just one old Ham's dilemma. John KE5JWC in Las Cruces, NM. And PS don't look at my QRZ Page or you might think I am pretty techy....not so much!