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  • LOTW error

    LOTW upload from Logbook fails. Logfile says "Error = Error: Station Location does not match QSO details. Error = The Station Location 'US State' has value 'TX' while QSO has 'Texas' on line 22"

    I cannot figure out where the value TX" comes from. The TQSL certificate and location says "Texas" and in fact that is the choice you can make via drop down menu. Previous uploads worked without this error.

    Any body know what my problem stems from?

    73 John N5CQ

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    The latest version of TQSL is validating your state and even tho you enter Texas in the station location, it is really expecting TX in the uploaded QSOs. So bulk edit the QSOs you are trying to upload and change Texas to TX. Then go into your station settings in HRD and change Texas to TX and that will fix the problem going forward.

    73, Charlie - K0LAF
    Charlie, K0LAF


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      That was it! Unanticipated error. "My Station" now has "TX" going into new QSOs and LOTW is happy to upload them. Curiously, my previous FT4 QSOs from WSJTX had "TX" filled in, along with "MSK" and submode "FT4", while the FT8 QSOs had "Texas" and "FT8". Mental plasticity is a good thing.

      Thanks for you help, Charlie.

      73 John N5CQ