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Multiple logs and automatic upload to QRZ

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  • Multiple logs and automatic upload to QRZ

    Good morning,

    I'am using multiple logbooks into HRD. All working fine with that.
    But I don't want all logbooks give an automatic upload to Is there anyway that I can split that out, so that only the QSO from logbook "A" going to QRZ and what I put in logbook "B" is not going to

    Now all is going to QRZ and I have to delete manually into QRZ all the times from the logbook that I don't want uploaded over there.

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    You have two logs open and adding QSOs to both at the same time?
    If that is correct then I suppose both logbooks would upload to at the same time.
    The only way around that problem is to have only one open and after you finish operating, export the QSOs from Log A into Log B.
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