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  • Transverters

    I am trying to setup HRD to work with transverters. For example a 222 MHz transverter with a 28 MHz IF.
    I found the transverter settings in the TOOLS drop down menu. I set the display to Transverter + Radio with an offset of 194 (the difference between 222 MHz and 28 MHz) and if I show the transverter display it shows me what the output of the transverter would be for where the IF radio is tuned, say the radio shows 28.100 MHz so the transverter would be at 222.100 MHz, so far so good. But when I try and log a contact in the log book it will log it as 28.100 MHz as it is only seeing the actual radio frequency. I know that I can uncheck the BAND tracking and enter the frequency manually, but I would think there should be a way for this to work automatically. Also I added the 1.25 meter band to the band list 222 to 225 MHz and while that shows on the screen you can't do much of anything with it as that is not a valid band for the radio (IC-7300). I would think that a band should be able to be setup that it is using a transverter and then act as if it is just another band on the selected radio. I also use N1MM+ for contest logging and that program has a transverter setup that works great. You setup transverter offsets by telling the program that a transverter frequency of 222.000 and an IF frequency of 28.000 is being used, you don't need to show the difference or anything like that. When you switch to that band or enter the frequency into the logging dialog it tunes the IF radio to the correct frequency. So if I enter a frequency of 222.100 MHz the IF radio tunes to 28.100 MHz nice and easy. When you log the contact, it is logged as 222.100 MHz not 28.100 MHz just what you want it to do. These features need to be added to Ham Radio Deluxe or are they already there and I am just missing something? I can't find any information online about this.
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