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Problem installing HRD on new computer

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  • Problem installing HRD on new computer

    Haven't found anything quite like this in the threads, so posting a new question.

    I can't get past the license check feature upon installation. Installation asks for my callsign, and instructs me to click "next" when finished. The problem is that the "next" button remains greyed out and unclickable.

    After about 30 seconds I get a second screen that indicates that the license server is not responding. In that dialog box there are buttons to check the license server. The HRD License Server never responds, and I get the following error: Connecting to HRD License Server
    Error: Connect. :: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

    The "Other" server does respond, and responds with "Connected to Test Server. Success.

    The license validity check feature responds with a "verified" status.

    My first thought was that I have a firewall issue. So I checked.

    I've validated the firewall status on the PC, and have enabled logging of any dropped packets. No entries are present for this (or any other) connection.

    My home router happens to be a Juniper SRX firewall. This is also configured to allow the connection, and to log dropped packets. There are no entries for dropped packets to or from the HRD License Server.

    On the installations dialog box that asks for your callsign, I can click "Cancel", which brings me to the License Manager. Here I can enter the callsign and the license key provided to me by HRD. When the information is entered, it appears to accept the input, but does nothing but bring me back to the License Manager. Attempts to "Add a new Full Licesne Key" do not work. The button to install a "Free Trial" also do not work.

    When I click "verify", and then click Validate HRD, I also get no successful output.

    This is as far as I have gotten. I hope someone can help.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Seems the best solution is to contact Support.
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