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  • Sig and sig info fields

    WIthout being told to read the unhelpful manual, what are SIG and SIG INFO fields for and their mnumonic meanings? Are they just dead weight dead code leftovers?

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    I've been using HRD for almost 10 years and always wondered what those fields were.


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      For a long time, I did not see any use for those fields. In the past, I was using the User_Defined fields for club member contact information, but those fields no longer get imported into the HRD Logbook since they are not standard ADIF fields. So, I have moved that information to the SIG and SIG_INFO fields. I do a lot of short sprints. For the SKCC sprints (Straight Key Century Club), I put "SKCC' in the SIG field and the SKCC club member number in SIG_INFO. I do the same for NAQCC (North American QRP CW Club) and other clubs where member numbers are exchanged. These fields seem to be ADIF standard fields that are and should continue to be supported. This also allows me to easily filter my log for specific club contacts by matching on the SIG contents (easily with a little manual manipulation of the query file, that is- but that is another story). I only wish there were more than one set of these fields so I could record two or three different numbers for a single contact.