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Moving HRD to a different computer?

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  • Moving HRD to a different computer?

    Can anyone tell me how to move all my personal information from DM-780 from one computer to a different one?

    I've backed up and restored my logbook from HRD Logbook and that looks good. I've also saved and reloaded my Favorites from HRD Rig Control.

    Any suggestions on other files I might have missed?

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    You will need to copy this folder to the same location on your new computer.
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      G3UCQ Thanks for the response. I copied all the folders/files from the .....\Roaming\HRDLLC folder of my old computer to the new one and my new computer does not match. The 'My Station' data from DM-780 does not match my old computer. Listed below are the folders/files from my old computer.

      Also, I get the following Logbook error when starting HRD for the first time after copying the files to my new computer.

      Old computer.JPG

      Logbook error.jpg


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        Since you had restored your logbook you did not need to replace the 'HRD Logbook" folder. A better solution would have been to rename the 'HRDLLC" folder in your new computer before you replaced it. You might try renaming the folder now and then run HRD and again restore your data base. If this works then from within your old original folder choose the individual folders you use and first rename the existing folder then copy paste which ones you need. In my own situation I used the Digital master 780 with my macros. I think I just copied the macros themselves but I may have replaced the whole folder I don`t remember now. Hope that helps 73 Morris WA4MIT


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          Didn't see much downside of restoring my logbook again. I did rename the HRDLLC folder to HRDLLC_old so I still have the original from the initial install on the new computer.

          I'll try copying the folders Ham Radio Deluze, HRD Logbook, and Digital Master 780. I'm not sure why that will be any different that what I did before.


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            Do not copy logbook you have what you want/need after restoring your log!!! Morris WA4MIT


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              After copying the DM 780 files to my new computer (to the path specified above) I look in the DMTagDefns_01.xml and see the "About Me" information from my old computer with the correct information.... age, locator, antenna, etc. But when I start HRD Digital Master 780 in looking at "My Station" the info is not the same.


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                In contacting HRD tech support I got the following response on moving config files to a new computer. "We do not recommend copying over the config files, as every computer is different, it will give you errors, conflicts and so on. You need to manually put in the details again." They also supplied the attached pdf. Of course you can transfer the logbook and some macros but they really don't recommend attempting a wholesale transfer of all info.

                I'd also like to say the support I received from HRD was phenomenal! The response to my original question was almost immediate and the followup answers were just as fast.
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