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KW 590 Keyed but no data output DM780

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  • KW 590 Keyed but no data output DM780

    I have searched and found some of this issue but nothing has fixed this issue on my system. When I go to transmit the radio keys. It is in data mode and I am using the internal soundcard of the 590. The interesting thing is if, after I click send and the transmit button turns red in HRD, if I click it off then back on the audio transmits. It is the same pattern on each of the data modes I have tried. Receiving is fine and transmitting is fine if I click that button on then off. My guess is that since it works when I click the send on then off that the HRD part is set right. I have been over the settings in DM780 a hundred times and have many ways to make it not work. Any ideas would be appreciated. (I am on the last firmware release for the 590 and I updated HRD just last week but no changes) 73's.