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HRD Logbook... Lost Top Level Menu

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  • HRD Logbook... Lost Top Level Menu

    Disregard. After almost two hours of mouse clicks and trial and error the problem is now fixed. Basically the problem was that F11 was not fulling restoring the full screen. Actually, the screen was being restored but only to large icon size. That icon was partially hidden by other stuff on my screens. As I suspected, this was operator error; not software related.

    For some reason the Top Level Menu is missing from my logbook. The logbook is working fine but with the top level menu missing I am not able to change the view or take any other actions not directly related to the open log file. I do not believe this is an HRD problem; rather I must have done something to hide the top level menu and now I cannot figure out how to make it reappear. I have searched the forum for other people that had this problem but the solution was not posted.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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