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HRD, RSP1A, SDR uno all running together

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  • HRD, RSP1A, SDR uno all running together

    Hi, this might just be an occasional computer hiccup. I use the latest HRD program along with SDRuno an RSP1a to control my FT450D. All works seamlessly well together...most of the time. Sunday evenings we have a local 6m mini net. After the net, I return to 40m and need to reboot the computer because control doesn't return to normal. I can "hit" a signal on the bandscope and the radio tunes to that frequency, but when I double click on a station on the cluster, the rig doesn't change frequency, like it usually does. I get out of HRD and reload it, no luck. I need to restart the win 10 computer, re-pair VSPE to ports 10 and 11, re-load SDRuno, reload HRD and all is happy. I am probably one of very few using these programs together, but was hoping some computer savvy ham might have a suggestion to keep me from needing to start over when this happens. Thanks and keep safe, 73

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    Six meter RF has a way of worming its way into things. I assume when you join the net you are transmitting at some point. Have you tried performing the same tasks using the same amount of time without actually transmitting or with transmitting on a different band? Same results?