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New user with a few questions about DM780

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  • New user with a few questions about DM780

    Hi all,
    First question is about macros.
    I want to just have the <add-log> macro all by itself in a separate macro.
    eg. if the only Tag in my macro is <add-log> . It does not log my contact.
    But if I add it inside a macro that sends something to the rig eg. <callsign> tu <add-log> it works.

    Other question is when I open up DM780 I get this....
    Select the identity to use for this session ( Main Identity or n2uz( which my callsign)).
    How do I remove the option for my callsign. I must of did that when I installed HRD.
    Jerry, N2UZ

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    Have you tried File>>identities. Click on identity you want to remove and click Remove?
    Charlie, KØLAF


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      Regarding the Identities question. Have you tried this? In DM780 go to top menu and Select FILE->Identities. In the Identities menu make sure that the "Select identity on startup" box is NOT checked.

      Regarding the Log Add Macro. I am not sure exactly what you want to do but here are my thoughts. First, I do not think you can add-log with an empty "his call" tag. You might be able to use a macro to assign a temporary call followed by a "log-add" macro. I personally would not recommend this because I don't see the point.

      A better option would be to fill in the call sign you want to add in the "Call" field in the menu bar between the Transmit and Receive windows and then press the "Add" button in the same menu. This will add a log entry. I have attached a picture of the screen location.

      qso bar.PNG
      I hope this gives you some ideas. If not, then please describe what you are trying to do in more detail and others will jump in to help.

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