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Single HRD Logbook database from multiple QTHs

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  • Single HRD Logbook database from multiple QTHs

    I have two QTHs which I use almost equally in time. I would like to have the HRD logbook use a single database, and would like to place it in on Dropbox with the single database accessed from both locations.

    How do I accomplish this?


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    Hello billmccl (whoever you are),

    one way is the following:
    • Open the HRD Database Manager.
    • Click "Add".
    • Enter a Title and a Description (the title will be the filename of the database file which will be created).
    • Click "Advanced Options".
    • Click "Create new database".
    • Click on the three points button right beside the line "C:\Users\...", a Windows Explorer window will open.
    • Navigate to your DropBox file path and click OK.
    But pay attention when using this one database file on several computers. Before shutting down the windows operating system on a computer you have to be shure that your database file is full syncronized to your cloud drive. Otherwise when starting the second computer the corrupted database file will be synced to this one.

    Wolf, DL6JZ