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50 inch monitor?

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  • 50 inch monitor?

    Got the xyl a new tv since the couple dead pixels bothered her..thinking about mounting it in the shack,eliminating my 18 inch monitor and using the 50 inch tv as a monitor (i know,overkill)..will use an VGA to HDMI converter to send the signal to the big screen..wondering if anyone has tried this with HRD, and your results? Worried the screen resolution may make it too blurry or cause another problem i haven't thought of..would appreciate your input before i do all this, or if there are any success stories? thanks 73 de k8mcn Kelly

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    As long as your video card can handle the resolution of the TV you'll be fine. But I suspect going from a VGA out from the computer to HDMI on the TV will not give you the best results.


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      I used an vga/serial port converter to HDMI (powered via USB) and it looks great!! Good resolution,carried audio through a plug on the converter that goes into PC speaker out put....very happy with results except very slight lag on screen when turning vfo.