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Occasional Log Crashing

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  • Occasional Log Crashing

    I downloaded the latest version .254. It's posted as a pre-release but it's been saying that for some time now so I thought it was ok. I'm occasionally getting "Log Not Responding" then crash. I have to reload and it's ok again until the next time it crashes. I'm unable to replicate, it just stops responding. Just wondered if it was something on my end that's causing this? Running Win 10.

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    First run SFC[space]/SCANNOW in a Command (Admin) window to see if there are any corrupt files on your PC.
    If not then try this :-
    The next time the Logbook stops responding could you follow these steps?
    Do not do anything that will close the Logbook.
    Open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL/ALT/DEL at the same time.
    Click on the Details TAB and look for the" HRD Logbook stops responding" in the left column.
    Right click on it and select "Create dump file" from the drop down menu.
    Save it on your PC.
    Contact Support, tell them of your problem and that you have a dump file for them. (It may be quite large)
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      Will do. Thank you