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Using one log datgabase with multiple computers on a local network

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  • Using one log datgabase with multiple computers on a local network

    I have been using HRD about a year and a half. I have made some changes in the shack and want to use one database to log from either of two machines on a local network. I know this should be possible but I have not found a way to get there. I tried to share the folder on one maching and point the second one to the db on the share by importing. This did not work. I finally have moved the databases to the second machine by doing a backup/restore but this creates a synchronization problem. Surely this has been accomplished but so far, everything I have tried failed.

    I don't need simultaneous connections, just one at a time.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    We have lots of multi-station ham clubs who do this.

    I have found the best method is to install MySQL (MariaDB, specifically) on one machine. Then build a DSN on the other machines that connect them to that database.

    You can find a video of how this works on a single machine our YouTube channel. Connecting the additional machines just repeat the steps to install the MySQL driver and create a DSN on the other machines.

    (And you can't use anything like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box... etc) for this because it's not a "cloud file system"... it's a "cloud file synchronization system." It leaves people with a mess if they try to do it in real-time.)

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