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I can't print any label

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  • I can't print any label

    Hello everybody,

    In the meatime I have HRD V6.7.0.254 BETA installed here. I'm not sure if the problem is on my side or in the software. When my logbook is open and I select "Print Label" from the "File" menu the logbbok crashes without any error message. It closes still and thats it. After the crash i can reopen the logbook again and it works as nothing happened. Even in the logfile there is no entry.

    I completely deinstalled everything of HRD and cleaned up and deleted the folders. After the new installation the problem still is here. So this ist the point where I think there is something like a missing or corrupted file on my computer. BTW OS is Windows 10 1903

    Is there anybody out there who has the same problem or can help me fix it? I don't want to install the complete computer new.........



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    Getting back to this in the coming month.

    Mike, VK4/WA9PIE
    Mike, WA9PIE

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    Ham since 1974 (WN9PIE)

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    Yaesu FT-857D and Digikeyer II


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      I have the same problem..I've opened a ticket
      Regards Norman


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        Thanks for the Information Mike and thanks for the reply Norman. Hope to fix this problem, because I think this a function I would use very often.


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          Hi Olaf and Others
          I received a response to my ticket as follows:-

          The issue you reported has been entered into our bug tracking system and assigned the tracking #0003611

          Once an issue has been identified as a bug in the HRD software and has been entered into our bug tracking system for our developers to track and resolve, this support request will be closed as no further action by the support department can be taken.

          To track the status of this issue, please review our published "Release Notes." In the Release Notes, the issue will be identified by the tracking number indicated above and an announcement will let you know the issue has been resolved.

          The HRD Release Notes can be accessed by visiting and placing your cursor on "Support" in the top menu, then selecting "Release Notes" from the Support Dropdown menu.

          Alternatively, you can also access the release notes directly by clicking on or copy and pasting the following link into the address field of your favorite web browser:

          We are closing this trouble ticket at this time, however, any reply to this thread will reopen this ticket.

          Thank you for reporting this item and for your support of HRD.
          I then asked how long to resolve the bug and got this reply:-

          Dear Norman,

          I can't tell...
          It lies in the hands of our developer, we do not have any insight on his time.

          Ferry PD9FER
          So it looks like we'll just have to wait for a resolution
          73s Norman G4AYU


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            Hi my two euros worth

            The labels will print OK only two issues

            1. Font size will not stick need to rest at evry print
            2. Selecting two different QSO will not work it will give you same QSO twice

            I previoulsy posted details and screen shots

            I know and hope it will be sorted out in next "quick" release
            73 Jacques
            Transcievers: IC-7300 - USB (v1.2) - LP 100A
            Accessories : BY-1[Bencher] - KT-1 [Kent straight key]
            Antenna: Dipoles
            PCIntel i3 3.3GHZ - 16GB Ram - upgrade SSD Seagate 1To external backup
            Canon Printer and QL700
            PC Software: Win 10 Pro X64 - MS Office. Avast. Meinberg NTP 4.2.8 . MariaDB.
            Radio Software : Win4Icomsuite with HRD v6.7.0.252 beta Logbook - WSJT-X - v2.1.2 - JTAlert 2.15 .3 -N1MM - MTTY -