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    Hi, I am changing from WIN7 to WIN10.
    On Win 10 all installed - both are same version now
    then the /Programms(x86//HRD LCC from old PC and down copied over the fresh installed on WIN10
    hmmm where are the Databases and settings ?
    What I have to copy for all the settings and abt 10 Databases ?
    TNX Erich ...

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    Now found how to save them on a Stick.....

    OK - then to the fresh installed WIN10 PC and started HRD.... UFFF UFFF ... the license Window occours and shows my license (the last figures)....
    and says : I should insert a valid license key.... BUT THE KEY WAS VALID 5 Min before ....... and all the Fields are not enabled .. are not able to put in anything.

    Only click OK is possible ... the the program say "lakonisch" ... no valid key entered exiting program.