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Icom IC-9700 Buttons, Pull Downs and Sliders

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  • Icom IC-9700 Buttons, Pull Downs and Sliders

    The IC-9700 HRD Rig Control is missing many of the Buttons, Pull Downs and Sliders for controlling the radio. If I go to the customize screen there are many functions not available to be assigned to the open buttons, pull downs and sliders. For example pull downs for DATA MODE, PRE-AMP and ATT. Before this version which added the IC-9700 I was using the IC-7300 rig control which I had pointed at my IC-9700 and I was able to do those functions, so they are controllable over the CAT, but these and other functions have been left out of the IC-9700 HRD Rig Control. Please update the software to include all of the CAT functions of the IC-9700. Thank You.

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    The support for using IC-9700 in Sat mode is deficient as well, please get the support for the 9700 to be able to sent consecutive CAT commands to change mode, freq, etc when selecting a Satellite to track. Other Sat programs have ZERO issues with this BASIC concept! It's OK for shareware but I did pay for this!


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      I have also found that it is not just that the controls are missing but so are the functions. When using WSJT-X with it set to use HRD as the rig interface and WSJT-X set to use PKT/DATA mode it does not sent the command to the 9700 to go into DATA mode as a matter of fact if the radio is put into DATA mode using the radio's controls it will drop out of DATA mode when WSJT-X goes into to transmit as only the command for USB is going to the 9700 and does not include the DATA command. I have to leave the WSJT-X mode setting at NONE so it does not send any mode commands to the 9700 so it will stay in the DATA mode as set by the radio controls. The IC-9700 rig interface is missing many of the available commands.