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Band Selector Button for TS-590SG

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  • Band Selector Button for TS-590SG

    The band selector button range for the TS-590SG in Rig Control is 160M - 10M. The TS-590SG transceiver range is 160M - 6M. Is there a way to add a 6M button to the Rig Control display??

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    Best I could find was to go the Selection....Bands. You should see a selection for 6 Meter detail. Select that and you will see the 50 Mhz band on the Rig Control Panel. When you are ready to go back to HF, Select the appropriate 160-10M Region,,,for me its Region2. That will get you back to HF.

    I was playing with Manager, and I think there might be a way to add 6 Meter to the full selection Menu but I couldnt make it happen.



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      Just click Bands>>Manager. Then Highlight (Region 2) and click edit. Click New, in band box enter 6m, enter 50.000.000 in From: and 54.000.000 in To:. make sure Enable is checked and hit ok. 6m will be at bottom of list. Select it and use Up to move it to the top of the list. On the control screen, make sure you have Region 2 selected just above the tuning bar. If not, left click on the current entry and select region 2 from the list.

      73, Charlie, K0LAF

      Charlie, K0LAF