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Resolve Slow Rig Control Response

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  • Resolve Slow Rig Control Response

    I've been experiencing slow, laggy or jittery response between HRD Rig Control and my IC-7300. Late yesterday I believe I discovered what was causing this issue. As with a lot of folks I am limited as to how many programs I can run at the same time and have them neatly displayed on my screen. In an effort to reduce the clutter, I decided to add a few of my most used rig controls to the Radio Pane of my HRD Logbook window. This let me minimize the HRD Rig Control window and only have the HRD Logbook window on my screen while running some digital modes, cw or ssb. The problem is each function button, drop down or slider you add to the Radio Pane causes the response between HRD and the rig to slow down more and more. I have since removed most of the buttons, and such from the Radio Pane of the Log Book window and things are running much better now.

    Hope this helps others that may be experiencing slow rig response.

    Norm - W7CK