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    Yesterday I downloaded and returned to HRD since leaving it a number of years ago (before present management). I have done very well getting things up and running, much better than I recall my first experience with HRD. Perhaps I have learned a thing or two about computing in the interim. The "problem" How to limit spots to CW only. I have deleted all the settings in the cluster filter tabs that control the spot, SSB, Digital, anything in the way of modes I am not interested in. But I continue to see spots for SSB, digital, and others. I have nothing against those modes or the people who use them. I just want to see CW spots. Perhaps I should set the frequency ranges to the CW portions of the bands. I haven't tried that yet. If it makes any difference, I am using the WA9PIE cluster.

    Thanks for any help that you may be able to give. 73 .... Dave, K4TO

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    I dont believe there is a way to filter via mode. I do not see a command and also modes are not usually put in the spot field unless it is in comments.
    I have set my filter to accept spots by zones. Here is a link to commands from DXSpider.



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      Thanks Steve. Interesting. I see several entries that EXCLUDE CW. I guess that is a sign of the times. I will study and see if I can exclude everything EXCEPT CW. 73 ... Dave


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        Guys... you have to filter mode at the cluster node.

        Here's a link to the DX Spider filter guide:

        You issue these commands at the Console within the DX Cluster pane.

        Even with this, it's not an exact science. Since there is no MODE included as a field in a DX spot, these things work by filtering per the band plan. Someone could be operating CW at 14.200 MHz and this filtering will not suppress it.

        Mike, VK4/WA9PIE
        Mike, WA9PIE

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          Hi Mike,

          Yes, I have been studying the wiki material. I find that there are far too many spots for my interests coming through. I am not interested that someone in Europe is hearing someone in (you fill in). As I said before, I am not interested in Digital, voice, SSTV or anything other than CW. Looks like I will just have to learn to ignore. The other thing this does is load up the band map at the right side until I can't separate the stations listed. I will continue for awhile until I can come to grips with it. 73.... Dave, K4TO


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            To limit spots from Europe, click on the Show button and select Console. Then in Command entry box type accept by_zone 3,4,5 then enter. This will limit spots to zones 3,4,and 5. Hope this is helpful.

            73, Charlie, K0LAF
            Charlie, KØLAF


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              Thanks Charlie! that helps a lot.... 73 dave