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  • has issues uploading contacts to QRZ

    When I try to upload a contact to my QRZ log book I get the error "add_qso outside date range". If I look at the ADIF data that the program tried to send there is no data entry for the date in the string, but the time entry is there twice. My API key is correct and the end date range on my QRZ account is more then a year in the future. It was working fine with the previous version of HRD. This is a bug in your new release. Is anyone else having this issue? I have created a support ticket and received the canned response email. Let's see what gets done. It never fails when a feature gets added something else that was working stops working. 73
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    I just tried to upload to QRZ logbook and got the same error. I also confirm that there is no date information in the upload. I did an ADIF export from HRD and import into QRZ logbook which worked ok. Hope HRD fixes this soon.

    73, Charlie, K0LAF
    Charlie, KØLAF


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      Saw the same issue here trying to upload to QRZ logbook. Retyped my upload code into HRD still no joy. Did the export then upload which worked.
      73 Morris WA4MIT


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        We're on it. I just documented this here:

        Mike, VK4/WA9PIE
        Mike, WA9PIE

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          Thank you Mike. 73 Morris WA4MIT


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            THANKS very much for your hard work, will be looking forward to an update ...also for re-addition of rotator link.