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DX Cluster - fails to display previous worked status

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  • DX Cluster - fails to display previous worked status

    This is an odd issue which has popped up. When the DX Cluster window is displayed, WSI (B,M,C) information is displayed during the initial login and spot display. However, once a new spot arrives, all the WSI information is blank and a FOLDER w/MAGNIFYING GLASS shows up on the left for each new spot and no WSI information is updated.

    Anyone else run into this issue? Tried numerous attempts to resolve, nada.

    Thank you.

    Bob, N7XR

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    Hello here Jean has REIMS
    I have the same problem and I note at the same time that the Logbook freezes.
    I think it's the Logbook that blocks the data for the cluster.
    I have not found a solution.
    Good luck.....
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      Jeans - The problem has been resolved.
      This computer was recently upgraded to Win 10 - 1903 version. Seem there is some issues with the Access .dll file being change/modified.
      The fix was relatively simple and easy. I changed my log to SQL format using MariaDB (MySQL). There is a YouTube Video by WA9PIE which explains the process.

      I have over 35K QSO's and the system is faster in every aspect over the default Access DB solution. Should have don't this long ago.

      Thank you WA9PIE

      Bob, N7XR