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how to add a custom note specific to a single QSO

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  • how to add a custom note specific to a single QSO

    Hi all,

    often I want to add a note on certain QSO. Using the comment field is inappropriate because it would pop-up in a new ALE window. I want to save the note only for this particular single QSO. The field should not contain any historical data. Simply said, I want a field like the RST field. Whatever you enter there, it county solely for the particular QSO and will not popup if I add a new QSO and enter his callsign.

    How can one achieve this behaviour? I tried several field, also the custom fields 1-6, the contact fields, etc.. nothing worked. Any clues?

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    You can turn off previous QSO comments from being added to a new QSO with the same station by removing Logbook from the callsign lookup options. This will keep the comments field clean for each new QSO. Previous QSOs will still remain visible in the Logbook tab of the ALE.
    Be aware, however, that data such as name and QTH will NOT be copied from previous QSOs - you will have to rely on a new lookup for that.
    An option whether to copy previous comments would certainly be nice. I thought there was such an option once, but cannot find it now.
    Ed - W4ELP


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      Thanks for your reply Ed. Unfortunately disabling the callsign lookup is not what the usual HRD logbook user wants to. Sad to hear there's no option although so simple.