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  • AZ/EL Tracking Question...

    I'm developing an Arduino controller for HRD and G-5500. I have most of the low level communication issues resolved.
    Was thinking about how to implement the code and a problem came up, that I'm sure is well understood (by everyone else but me).

    So I was tracking HOPE-1 satellite. It made on almost overhead pass. AZ at AOS was +1deg. But, shortly after AOS, the AZ changed to 359deg, CCW by 2deg. Now my rotor hardware is set up for a hard stop at 0deg.
    So to track this pass the rotor would have to do a 360 to get 359deg, which takes ~54s.

    So, is there a remedy or do you just have to live with these unusual passes ?
    73 de AI6MK (Brian)