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Low audio on DM to my FTdx101MP

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  • Low audio on DM to my FTdx101MP

    I had an FTdx3000 with win10 computer, using USB connection. Everything worked fine. I changed out the radio to an FTdx101mp. Everything, except the radio, is the same. My problem is my receive audio on cw and rtty, will max out at 26%. I have all gains on the sound card set to 100% and the input to the radio also 100%, but the audio just won't increase. Has anyone else found this? Is it because the radio isn't supported yet? I have reloaded the drivers (after removing them) several times, but no change. I am using the setting for FTdx991. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    JIm, N6DVR
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    Additional info I fund today. When transmitting, my cw sounds more like a buzz than a tone. Any ideas please???