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a mess with call signs - prefixes

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  • a mess with call signs - prefixes

    I must use different call sign prefixes.
    1. HB9FIH with SV8 / TA3 / EA8 / I2 as Prefix
    2. HB90FIH with SV8 / TA3 / EA8 / I2
    3a. additional have I /MM or /P as Suffix

    Now I have changed (added) a new Location (SV8/HB90FIH) in my station. also set them as default. Also in default DB and in Options Loogbook (from Digital Master) choose the SV8/HB90FIH.

    The Macros but have always only the HB9FIH...
    Always I have these Issues - is it not possible to define to each callsign Prefixes the proper DB and then set them everywhere in the hole application ?
    (It is possible - I am programming too..)
    de Erich

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    Nobody knows how this works...OK, so I assume big mistakes in the definitions.

    Now additional: made a new location (I move tomorrow) - TA3/HB90FIH
    I am not able to define
    1. the correct callsign for the macros
    2. the correct callsign for Export eg ADIF - always only HB9FIH inside - I must always edit the exported ADIF File and change the Callsign.
    In some records there are the operators callsign and the station_callsign but sometimes not both - why ?

    Just made the new identity TA3/HB90FIH, I made the Log Database - in database I am able to enter but anywhere (hidden) there is like a ghost always the HB9FIH. I am also not able to change the Callsign under Progamm Options / CallSign ...there is always my home call HB9FIH..
    What a mess....

    A clear organisation could be:
    Choose a Identdity - then Logbook is selected, then Macros are changed, then Callsigns are correct .
    I do not know - is there any function by choosing the Idendity ? (here in the Idenstity could be all well organized..)

    PSE any solution..73 Erich