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  • Labels with Dymo 450 Printer

    Seems that HRD has always struggled with printing labels. It's certainly gotten better since its release, but I noticed a few things I would like added. So I created a new label for the 450 so the design was something like this:

    Brand: Dymo Type: 30252
    Width: 89 mm Height: 28 mm
    Page: Letter
    Orientation: Landscape

    With a 2 mm side and top margin, with 0 for the Horizontal and Vertical gaps. This pretty much prints the label I'm looking for, but a couple of problems I noticed. First, once you have saved the label, you really can't go back in and edit it again. If you click the "Edit Label" link, the only part of the window that has focus is the "Other Options" or margins part of the window. The left side with the Brand, Type, etc. is not selectable or changeable. So if you make a mistake on the Width or Height, the only thing you can do is delete the label and start over again. Pretty sure this is a bug

    Also, although the label printed OK, the type size was a bit small. I wanted to increase the font size a bit to make it easier to read. I had a bit of room on the margins so it shouldn't have been a problem, but there is no way to change the font size that I could see, only the font type. It would be nice if you added a font size selector so we can customize the label a bit more.
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