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Power up IC-7600 with HRD

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  • Power up IC-7600 with HRD

    I would like to power on and off my IC-7600, as I can other radios, with HRD. I can do this with another software rig control package. I think this option has been available since the Version 2 update, and you must use the CI-V port to connect. Is it possible to do it with HRD. If not, it would be a great addition to the software.

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    Yes, is the answer - I use a 7600 and power it up remotely.
    Firstly, make sure that the IC-7600 is set to go into standby mode when you power down.
    Set>Others>Shutdown Function = Standby/Shutdown

    To switch the rig on from the remote end you first need to open HRD in the unconnected state : ie do not connect to a radio, let it open unconnected.

    Then in HRD Rig Control go to:
    Tools>Command Tester
    Select ICOM CI-V, com port and baud rate for the remote rig and address etc
    After connection, the command box opens.
    Send Cat command 18 01 to switch rig on
    Send Cat command 18 00 to switch rig off

    Once the rig is on then you can connect to it in the normal way in HRD
    To switch the rig off
    Disconnect from the rig in HRD
    Then from Command Tester send 18 00 as above

    Hope that helps.

    Mike G3YPP
    Icom IC-7600 Firmware V2 - SignaLink USB interface
    Rig interfaced to Pentium Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.7GHz 2.7GHz running Windows 10 Home 64 bit. 8Gb RAM
    Office computer for remote access to shack - Pentium Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.7GHz 2.7GHz running Windows 10 Home 64 bit 8 Gb RAM
    Logbook using MySQL database located on my web servers


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      Thanks Mike. I got it working. It's not quite as streamlined as I had hoped but it is a start. It doesn't seem to like being turned off then on again and gives an error message, but works perfectly the first time after bootup.
      73, Gus