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  • Data Base possibly Corrupt


    I had Microsoft assist me with an issue which resulted in reinstalling windows 10. They said I wouldn't lose anything and put all my files and programs in one folder. Subsequently HRD would not load and suggested I reinstall it which I did. So, I have found my .mdb file and tried to import it through the HRD File Database Manager with no luck.

    So then I copied the file and replaced it in the App Data file and I still get a corrupt message which reads. Could not connect to the data source "HRD Logbook - Access": Cannot open data base 'unknown'. It may not be a database that your application recognises, or the file maybe corrupt. Drivers SQLSetConnectAtr failed.

    Any suggestions or experience with this issue would be appreciated.


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    I just went through similar moving to a SSD drive that I set up a total new Windows 10 on and setting up a clean HRD install. I believe your problem is not the DB itself it is the driver setup with in the data base manager that is giving you the error. You might want to delete the settings in "Manager" and start over. You need to get to a point where you do not get the errors and have either your log or no log just a blank log then do a restore and import your old log. You cannot directly import the mdb file you can only do the restore function and it will import this file or a XML file. If you have the HRD paid service you might want to contact them they helped me get mine going.
    73 Morris WA4MIT


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      Thanks for your reply Morris. I will see how I go.