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  • Garbage Collection

    When I execute and terminate Version, it leaves behind a file: HRD Software7.0.lw.xml in the c:/Users/username/Documents/ directory. I am running Windows 10 Pro and installed the latest version using the defaults. No biggie but not sure why the file is in MY user area and is created each time I run HRD so the file isn't needed except during HRD execution. I would think the ProgramData directory would be a better choice for such files. Ken K5RG

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    Agree that c:/Users/username/Documents/HRDLLC makes more sense especially since the HRDLLC folder is completely empty. Clarification to my posting, I installed HRD using the suggested file location defaults. Ken K5RG


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      If the HRDLLC folder is empty then that is not right. The folder stores your settings, logbook databases, macros etc. etc. Even with a fresh install there should be some folders inside.
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