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Adverse interaction between DM 780 and Logbook

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  • Adverse interaction between DM 780 and Logbook

    `I am running HRD v6.5.0.207. When I have Digital Master 780 running with Logbook running (which is 99% of the time), exactly every 5 minutes the DM 780 program freezes for 5 seconds. This coincides precisely with a command "KeepAlive" which can be seen via monitoring the Network Server commands (from the logbook toolbar ; View ->Network Server). In May I had a similar problem, but the program would hang up for 15-17 seconds when "KeepAlive" activated. A call to HRD Support was quickly answered and the tech did a clean install of HRD. The program still froze with "KeepAlive" but only for about a second, which was tolerable. Now it is getting to the point where it is around 5 seconds and possibly will get longer as the days go by. I will monitor it, but it is very irritating. Everything freezes - the keyboard and the waterfall. If there is digital text coming in at the time, some of it is lost. Other programs which may be running unrelated to HRD are not affected. When Logbook is not running, there is no problem. Restarting the computer and closing all unnecessary programs has no effect. My computer is a Dell Optiplex 64 bit Windows 10 Pro system. 8 gigabytes RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel E8200 Dual core Processor running at 2.66 GHz.
    Has anyone had a similar problem? If so, is there a remedy?

    I will also post this on the Logbook forum, since the problem could be in either or both programs.