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Problem with Key in V6.6

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  • Problem with Key in V6.6

    Did the upgrade a few days back on 2 PCs an active PC and a backup PC - NO problems. This morning I start up HRD on the active machine and it asks for my License Key. I enter the one from the email , same as before, and now it tells me its an invalid key and kills the program. Anyone else have this issue? I uninstalled, reinstalled V6.6 and the key in the email still does not work still. The HRD 6.6 copy on my other PC comes up fine still. I do not have a support contract so I guess I can not open a formal support ticket? Any Ideas.

    Both are running Windows 10 and current.
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    SORRY - got it working - somehow my HRD level got backleveled ( WTH ? ) and I must have made some kind of mistake in the reinstall - Did a uninstall, reboot, install, restart and it worked OK. Its a mystery