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Flex 3000 & HRD DM780 CW use

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  • Flex 3000 & HRD DM780 CW use

    Hello, can anyone HELP me, I have a Flex 3000 and am using HRD DM 780 and can't seem to get the CW to DECODE or TRANSMIT? The PSK31 works just fine. THX David / KE7JHA

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    Hello David I have a Flex 3000 and I am not a CW operator at all but occasionally I will use CW to work DX in conjunction with DM780 I use DM for receive and the CWX in Power SDR this has worked well for me. When your using PSK or other digi modes your sending tones to modulate the radio and it is keyed up via a command sequence or via a interface unit. You can use a keying interface I use a single transistor for CW keying another radio I have and this is setup in DM to use a serial port to activate the keying transistor. But for the 3000 try the CWX window.
    73 Morris WA4MIT


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      THX Morris, I will give it a try. David / KE7JHA