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  • Rotator

    Good morning everyone, I morning I performed the update as soon as I got emails from the hrd team, all to work well regarding upgrading to version, but unfortunately I have to report that I am no longer able to operate the rotor, no longer connects to nfw32/nfw_data server DDEs. This and the message logged on the logfile: Cannot connect DDE server NFW32 NFW_DATA.

    the server if I try to start it I always have the same problem.

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    I found the problem, when I click rotator to start the service, it does not connect to ARSWIN automatically, to make Rotator run I have to manually launch ARSWIN, start hrd Rotator, then start WinRotor of the Funbox. This has never happened before, before the current update I just had to start winrotor then HRD-dm780-logbook-Rotator In concest rotator connected smoothly, now to connect rotator I have to start the services manually!! I think at this point there is a nice problem to be solved...... 73


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      Then I noticed that the problem of tracking visible from logbook on the small window that represents the Azimutal indication of the rotor, also this has not been solved, from here it is not possible to see in real time where the rotor is turning, to understand where the my antenna I have to disconnect and then reconnect, so the reading is not real because it does not update with the rotor position. 73