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  • Highlite log entries for later referral

    Being a DXr and also making many other contacts my log gets a bit long. Have been checking over the last few months for a possibility of highlighting an entry to be able to locate the QSO in my log without reading each entry one by one.. As I said to highlight mark the entry, highlighted in a some color?

    If you are a DXr you know that getting that QSL is very important and it many times takes many months to receive them.... Not all DX stations are registered with LoTW..

    I have searched forums and find none or I'm searching with the wrong words?????

    Anyone have any hints??? HELP

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    To my knowledge there is no way to highlight individual entries permanently, I think what your looking for would be under "Award Tracking", need QSL, then click on individual lines for results.
    73 Morris WA4MIT


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      You could put something in one of the CUSTOM FIELDS and then display that column in your logbook, or use the FILTER to extract those custom entries.
      73, Jim - N4ST
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        Thank you very much.