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  • Export log changes time off in contact

    I run hrd on 2 rigs. one 6 meters only and when I finish for the day I export file from that log by means - Highlight contacts to export then right click file export ADIF (adi) name the file I tick ADIF+Ham radio Deluxe also tick use seconds and then export. this moves all to import on main computer and main rig fine except adds 4 hours to end time on every contact. which lotw does not seem to like. I update end time on all contact within 2 min of start time and reload lotw matches. - Have checked several times, the on time and off time are correct on 6 meter computer just messes up on export ??????
    I run latest version on both computers.

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    was just checking the above again but in reverse i exported from my main computer about 10 6 meter contacts after i fixed time and imported to 2nd computer, same thing but instead of add 4 hours it took 4 hours off time. this means a simple setting somewhere i hope.


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      Your computers or your HRD Logbook have an inconsistency in UTC vs LOCAL time. They need to be set up the same.
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