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    I have HRD (latest) set up with MariaDB all working well.

    I wanted to add a second identity to operate as a special event station. I didn't seem to be able to add another MariaDB Database so I created a new Access DB for the second call-sign. I was able to switch between them and can now log separately to the second call-sign.

    However, when I look in MyStation it is showing the call-sign as call-sign/second call-sign, this causes issues when trying to use clusters and spawn into DM780. I can edit MyStation to just show the new call-sign but it immediately changes back, I have also in some circumstances seen this pairing multiply up to several / separated call-sign's. I just want to be able to cleanly switch between the two, can someone please point me in the right direction or perhaps this isn't possible? Really prefer to keep HRD doing all of my logging rather than have to swap out to something else.