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  • Filter Tool in Logbook

    Am going back through cards and logs after being offline for a long time. Am using the "Filter" and "QSL" tools in Logbook to check cards/callsigns/log entries.

    When I type in a call into Filter, I am unable to push the enter key to execute the search, and have to use the mouse...thus taking a lot of extra time. Is this the only way to do what I am doing both for searching (confirming QSLs)?

    Be nice to type in the callsign and hit enter to search vs click the mouse.


    Bill - KL7TC

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    There are only to ways to initiate a filter search: 1)The mouse and 2) 'Alt P' an undocumented key combo ...

    I agree it's a pain to not just hit 'enter' like every other program in the world ... I still hit enter about every time ...
    Ron, W3RJW

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