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    Morning all,

    I noticed this morning when I was submitting a contact that operated on a grid square, hrd only sent the first two grids and an extra comma. (to at least qrz). I also noticed this in an exported data file of that log record. When viewing the log record on the logbook screen, it shows the first two grids and the first two letters of the third grid. When I entered the log record, I thought all was well as it allowed me to type in all four grids so I thought it was just a display bug. It appears it's worse then that.

    Anyone have any ideas about how to log a grid square?

    Thank you! 73 kg5thg

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    grid square data consist of 2 letters capitals followed by 2 numbers and then 2 letters (not capitalized). This format is all you want to enter if you have all of this info some contacts do not enter any or all of this in QRZ and some times if stations are not operating at home then this info could be different. I did a export of a entry with all six characters and HRD exported all six. Beyond this I am not sure I understand your question. Hope this helps 73 Morris WA4MIT.


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      The issue is, the contacts were operating in grid corners. i.e. 4 grids at the same time. I'm able to put DM18, DM19, DM28, DM29 in the locator field, but what seems to be written to the database is DM18, DM19, DM. It drops everything else so it sames as if hrd may only support grid lines? i.e. DM18, DM19, but not a full four grid corners. Usually this is seen in satellite operation but is also common with 6m grid expeditions for ffma award operations. Sorry I wasn't clear in my original question!
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        I have not encountered anything like that other than enter same contact 4 times each with different grid I do not know maybe some else can help. Good luck 73 Morris WA4MIT