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Logbook call Lookup overwrites date and time.

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  • Logbook call Lookup overwrites date and time.

    I am entering old logbook entries. I turned off frequency tracking and mode tracking as these are old contacts. I add an old entry. After I click "add" a new add screen appears to add another old entry. It has the same date and time as the last entry which makes for a simple change. especially if the next contact was same old date but minutes later. As soon as I enter the callsign it does a lookup. Sometimes obviously wrong person, but often it matches paper logbook for name and QTH from QRZ website. However as soon as it does the lookup, it changes date and time to the current time of the lookup, which is now years later. This makes it harder to adjust date on manual entry as what I am entering is years old from a paper logbook. Is there anyway to not track date and time on a call sign lookup just like I do not track it on frequency or mode as I enter these old QSO's?

    I am running Hrd log 6.5 on Windows 10.

    Mark N0EOF
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    The simplest thing to do is just enter the date and time right before you hit enter or the the add button.

    73, Charlie, K0LAF
    Charlie, KØLAF