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Working with 2 Radios???

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  • Working with 2 Radios???

    Ok So I am fairly new to the Ham Sat. world and I am experiencing some difficulties with HRD. Hopefully there is someone out there that can help me with these issues. To set the stage I will do my best in describing my equipment and then describing my problems. Please bare with me as I don't always know or use the correct terminology to describe something and that sometimes makes it difficult to explain myself.

    My Antennas, is the Sat Pac beams from Hy-Gain UB-7030Sat and VB-216 Sat All new, and using their fiberglass cross beam section for the full package.
    The Rotator is the Yaesu G-5500 and using the FoxDelta FD ST-2 rotor controller interface
    I am running LMR 400 coax from the shack to the antennas with good SWR readings.
    The Radios are the Yaesu FT991A Running (2) one for the uplink and one for the downlink. one on Com 8 and the other on Com 10 Those are the com ports for my set up.
    I do have a CW Keyer plugged in on the transmit Radio for finding my signal.
    Software is the HRD sat program latest update as of today

    Now to tell a little about where I am up to on getting it all to work together. I have been running HRD for over a year now so I do have the software working with my radios for my logging and digital modes, So when I start HRD I pick Com 8 and start the session, then from the radio screen I click open to open the next radio witch is on Com 10 all is good at this point. Then I open the Sat program and as it is opening it will open a new screen asking me if I want to use 1 radio or 2 and has the boxes to check to determine the TX radio and the RX radio. All is good there, as I use my com 8 connected radio for the TX as It has my desk mike on that one, as well as my 70cm beam is connected to that radio as well as my CW keyer. So all is still good at this point. Then I pick a particular satellite that is close to coming over. (let's say it is XW-2B) so I go through all the motions of making sure my rotor screen is up and all connected and clicked on to receive the info. So let's pause for a moment to say that I have been following these birds for several months now and I do have the rotor and all the software correct as it will follow the pass from start to finish and I recieve QSO's all along the pass so that part of the system is good and works properly. Now back to the settings for the pass. So after I pick the (Example) Sat XW-2B and then click the FREq tab and then from that screen I choose the Linear inv. transponder for the mode (with my Kep. files with a fresh download.) and click ok. Then from my main Sat Tracking, I click the RX and the TX boxes and the manual tuning is un checked. At that point it sets the radios to those freq. Both radios are set using VFO A as it should. Now I will say that like others have posted it dont always set the TX mode to LSB and the RX to USB on the radios but that is no problem to do from the software radio plane menu in the Sat program or manually on the radios. Now let's back up a little, If I am Just playing/testing the connection to the radio from the computer with the software at this point, So if I check ONLY the TX box and leave the RX box unchecked,I I can move the slider for the TX and it will immediately change the TX radio up and down as I move the slider for the TX from the software (as it should) and if I reverse that test and uncheck the TX box and check the RX box and do the same test by adjusting the RX slider it will move the RX freq. on the RX radio (as it should).in the same fashion. Obviously with limitations on how far I can move the slider and how quick I have the delay set . This was performed with the box not clicked to enable manual tuning at this point, so it snaps back to the preset freq. as I figure is as expected. So now then with the same test procedures with the manual tuning enabled I get the same results except for it don't change back to the preset. So this seems to make since and I guess is working properly. HOWEVER If I manually tune the TX radio from the radio itself with the with the RX unchecked It does move the freq but keeps me within a range of freq, with or without the manual enabled box checked. Now this may be normal as it may have something to do with the TX freq range set by the Kep. files That is a little above my head there. But Back to the test. I get the same results with the RX radio going through the same steps. So at this point I still think that may be correct OR NOT? At any rate, so now I click both TX and RX boxes and leave the Manual Tuning box unchecked and when I move the RX slider on the software it does not move the radio freq, but it does move the TX freqs. and on the computer screen, it shows that booth radios should be shifting. And again if I move the TX slider on screen it does move the TX radio freq. settings but does nothing to the RX. Now I have been doing all I know to do with this and trying it with different sats with the same results Something else I have noticed is at times I have seen a slow delay in the switching as when I swap the radios with the software, to make my TX radio change to RX I see that is has a delay on the RX radio (Com 10) Now is there some kinda setting wrong causing this delay? is that the problem here? I also have read many post were people talk about un checking the TX and manually move the RX to find myself. If I have to do that then all I am getting out of this software is the tracking of the sat. and not the correct adjusting to the radios. I know some of Yall out there will say, quit wasting time with this and switch to software like SAPC32 and I have also went down that road and though it does make the movement seem correctly on the rigs although they are not in sync with each other and there is more reading to do to calibrate that, though I did see that being discussed in their literature. But at this point I really hate that program as HRD seems to me a lot nicer on alot more aspects. Though if I have to stay with that program I guess I will have to learn it But I know a lot more about HRD and I really hate to switch. Now this problem could be a lot to do with me not doing the correct procedures or not knowing what I am doing at all, So I am reaching out for anything that will get me up and going, without the task of using both hands and both feet to work a pass.

    Now I have sent this in to HRD with no luck at this point. From my understanding the staff there don't seem to know enough about sat tracking to be able to help me at this point. That is why I am reaching out in hopes to get it working correctly and if not then hopes this will get enough attention for the staff at HRD to get back on board and either tell me what I am doing wrong or if there is a software issue get on it and make it do what it is supposed to do.