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Confused about what the DDE interface does for me.

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  • Confused about what the DDE interface does for me.

    I'm a current HRD user and I'm hoping to also use HRD to drive a positioner that I'm using for a tracking antenna for a non-amateur application. I can load my own TLE sets into HRD easily but I want to my system controller task to interrogate HRD for the current AZ/EL via the DDE interface and then generate my own commands to my positioner (which isn't used in the amateur world). Unfortunately, the wiki description for the DDE interface is confusing. ( Why would I want to use Nova or Orbitron software to drive a positioner via HRD when HRD can do that directly? It appears to work in the opposite sense from what I expected. Is it possible to use the port as a source of az/el data rather than a sink?

    73.....Frank / WA3NHK

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    Hi Frank I for tracking Az and EL I use the Orbitron DDE, WinRotor interface. You have to remember to do the setting of your rotor and give the position 0 ° north.

    73 Ale


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      Hi Ale. Thanks. So are you actually reading the Az/El data from HRD and driving your rotor yourself?



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        Hi Frank yes I am using az and El, with some difficulties because hrd is not perfect there is still a lot of work to be done however before the moment it allows me to do some experimentation on the controls. Unfortunately to make hrd work you have to use second part software, in my case I have to use win rotor to run the rotor with hrd, same thing if I want to use wsjt-x I have to run winrotor and pstrotator. (wsjt-x tracking control of the right stations with hrd does not work). 73