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Can DM780's "Main Identity" be cloned for a "New Identity"?

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  • Can DM780's "Main Identity" be cloned for a "New Identity"?

    I have been successfully using HRD for 6 years using a single DM780 "Main Identity" with my Kenwood TS-590. Working Split was never a problem on any mode. Now I have a Flex 6600-M and in the split mode, it only transmits on Slice A (eg VFO A) even with Slice B (VFO B) selected for transmit. This is a well-documented anomaly with DM-780 (I'm using v6.5.0.199) and Flex. In a Flex Forum post, Mike was quoted as saying this would be corrected in a future build. In the meantime, there is a documented workaround that appears to work: create a "New Identity" for the transmitting Slice B. So far so good. I was successful in creating a "New Identity" (File/Identities/New) and it now transmits on Slice B. The problem is that I have a virgin (generic) DM-780 screen format. Before I spend time, manually re-creating my

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    When you were on the Add Identity screen did you select the share these definitions with the Main Identity boxes?
    Charlie, KØLAF


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      Thanks Charlie for your reply. I forgot to mention that I did click on the four available "share" boxes. No joy. Then I got to thinking about it: I would actually want to share the "Main Identity's" definitions with the "New Identity", not the other way around. I couldn't find a way to do that. I had a subsequent discussion with the brilliant owner/developer of SliceMaster (that great program which makes third party software peacefully co-exist with the Flex SmartSDR software including HRD). Don said, "it would be nice if DM780 had a mechanism for cloning. If you find it, please let me know".

      I am headed out for a two week vacation. Perhaps while I'm gone, Tim Browning or Mike Carper could step in here and make a comment/suggestion? If not, I will open a "help" ticket with HRD when I return in late May to get a formal response and will share here.

      Best 73, Mike WB6UTW