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Problems installing software key

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  • ve7gtc
    If you downloaded the latest version, you should not have to call to get your key. It is possible that maybe you got your old one, which doesn't work for the latest version. To get your key, simply follow the link on the web site.

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  • KB2MFS
    started a topic Problems installing software key

    Problems installing software key

    I recently had an issue with my laptop and needed to reinstall HRD. I installed the latest version from their website but of course didn't have my key. I contacted them and provided my receipt from when I bought it. They gave me a new key to use and I loaded it as they instructed. The problem is the software still says it is only a trial version and expires in about a week. The new key that I typed in does not show up in the list of keys. I tried this several times and finally uninstalled HRD and reinstalled again with the same results. The last communications I had with them was I could pay again and customer support would try to help me. I really don't want to pay again for something that may not work.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks and 73
    Tim KB2MFS